Pavane is aged in ash, a traditional method of preserving cheese. A brie style bloom tops the cheese creating a dramatic look with a creamy texture. Its a conversation starter on any cheese board. 

It has been nominated for the 2020 Made in Alberta Awards.

Our Cheeses

Jitterbug is a 3 month naturally aged cheese. Its mild taste accompanies most dishes and wines deliciously.

It grates well and is a local substitute for Parmigiano Reggiano.

Trata is our feta-inspired cheese. It uses less salt than most feta's, allowing the taste of the cheese to shine through. A wonderful topper for salads and you'll be surprised it is on fruit too. 

Waltz cheese is supper fresh - just three days from production to your table.

Avenue Magazine called it one of Calgary's Best Things to Eat. 

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Two Step is our salute to Alberta. This beer washed cheese uses Calgary's own Village Brewery's Blacksmith Ale for subtle dark nuances. It melts well in sandwiches or as a topper for soups.

It was a runner up in the 2019 Made in Alberta Awards. 

​​Drawing from our prior ballet careers, our cheeses are named for dances which express their characteristics.

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